Individual School Program

This is the new program started from this academic year (2011-12) in two High Schools (ZP High School, Mallam, Pithapuram Mandal and Z.P Girls High School, Alamuru). In this program KRIYA do many activities continuously in one school, the tentative budget is Rs. 50,000/- per High school. Following are the details of activities.

High School Project - Duration: One Academic Year - Proposed Activities

S. No. Item School's Role NGO's Role
1 Library The children should have the facility to take the library books to home. Library should be open certain time every day to change the books by children. Elocution on the books read from Library should be conducted in the Library period. The arrangements should be made to open the library in Dasara, Pongal and Summer Holidays on specific days and timings to exchange the books by children. Organization will add the books to the school Library and give annual Prizes for the children who utilized the library in an effective way.
2 Lab Exhibition of Science equipment, Making charts by students. Observation of Science Day. Organizing Quiz etc., Lab equipment should be used for the Science experiments. Expenditure for Science day, material like charges, sketches etc., Prizes for Quiz. Organization will add necessary lab equipment
3 Sports Sports should be practiced in the morning and evening hours in the supervision of PET, Sports week (Ex: 2 days for boys, 2 days for girls, 1 day finals and certificates distribution) should be conducted twice a year Organization will add necessary tools, infrastructure
4 Cultural Cultural Week should be conducted twice in a year to give an opportunity to the children's talents in various fields like Drawing, Singing, Dancing, Drama, Elocution, Essay Writing, Presentation of their project works etc., (Ex: One day each for Science/Math's Exhibition, Arts/Languages Exhibition, presentation of projects/computer skills and two days for stage performances) Organization will support by meeting some part of expenditure
5 Plantation & Environment Children should plant and nurture as many plants as accommodated in the school premises and in their village also. Various environment days should be organized. Class wise environment committees, Ornithology clubs etc., should be started. These children will do the activities on environment awareness like power saving, non-conventional energy, global warming, bio-diversity (birds, animals, insects, aquatic . . . . . . etc.,) Organization will supply the seedlings & tree guards if necessary, will link up the school with the people/organizations working for environment. Prizes for related competitions and works
6 Toilets Children's Toilets should be maintained for girls and boys separately very neat and with running water Organization will help to meet part of any initial infrastructure
7 Drinking Water Sufficient clean and safe drinking water should be available Organization will help to meet part of any initial infrastructure
8 Project Work Project works should be given to the children at least twice a year before Dasara and Pongal Holidays; they will show their finished projects in the cultural week programs. Using internet for getting data to their project will be encouraged Any books, related material etc., to be provided to the poor students. Prizes for best projects
8 School Magazine Monthly/Bi-monthly/Quarterly school magazine should be published. Writing Stories, Poetry, Poems, skits, essays, reports, articles etc., in all the three languages and drawings should be encouraged. Language days should be conducted. Usage of internet should be encouraged. 5 to 10 copies should be available in Library, students can purchase copies for actual cost price Part of the expenditure for publishing magazine will be met by the Organization.
9 Computers Using internet will be very much useful for all activities, it must be encouraged. A work shop and a one/two weeks to all the teaching/non-teaching staff will be helpful. (before/after school hours) The remuneration for the faculty for one week classes will be met by the organization. If necessary, will try add more computers to the school with the help of donors.
10 Field Trips Field trips should be conducted twice a year for giving good exposure of Museums, Industries, Bio-diversity, Various Govt. /Private Institutions etc., Part of the travel expenditure will be met by Organization for poor students
11 Guest Lectures School should invite at least one guest per week to share their knowledge and their role in the society with the children. School can select the guests from Mandal level Officers like Police Officer, Agriculture Officer, MRO, MPDO, PHC Doctor, Lecturers/Professors from nearby govt. College, Fire Officer etc., people from other fields like Artist, Singer, Classical Dancer, recently successful people in Gr. I/II, Bank POs/Clerks etc., and locally skilled people like Cycle Mechanic, Pot Maker, Carpenter, Plumber, Mason, Former etc., Organization will help to invite concerned people from various fields
12 Career guidance The School should conduct the career guidance counseling with suitable persons and guide the children after completion of schooling Organization will help in giving coaching for CEEP, it will link up the other organizations offering scholarships to the bright and poor students
13 Girls The school should take care of girl drop outs. A women teacher should see the problems of girls. A women doctor should be invited for a guest lecture on personal hygiene and other health aspects of women. After schooling the children and their parents should be given counseling for their further education. School should invite well settled and highly educated women for guest lectures. (exploitation awareness, AIDS, Supply of Sanitary napkins) Organization will link up the School with NGOs working in this field. With the help of donors Organization will try to provide cycles for poor girls attended school from nearby villages.
14 Parents The school should conduct a real parent-teachers meeting at the time convenient to the parents at least thrice a year. School should establish a good relation with parents to get many benefits like drop outs controlling, improvement in children attendance etc., If the clerk or record assistant maintains the mobile numbers of all the parents as a data base, class teachers can talk to the parents if necessary as now a days the poor parents also having mobile phone (First meeting in June may be general meeting, other two meetings will be one to one meetings - Refreshments like Drinking water, Tea, Snacks should be provided) One of the Organization member will attend the meeting, ready to provide expenditure for refreshments
15 Alumni School should conduct an old student's meet every year. One teacher/non-teaching staff should take the responsibility. They have to find the addresses of old students with the help of local village people. School should invite the Village elders, expected donors from nearby business people, industries, NGOs etc., After one or two years the financial support from Organization will be withdrawn, then the old students and the others will take the responsibility Part of the expenditure for the first meeting will be met from Organization
16 Inter School Competitions The school should prepare and send their children to all the competitions conducted by various organizations Organization will give some part of financial assistance to poor students to attend any competitions in other villages/towns etc.,
17 Student Teachers Strengthening fundamentals: Bright students of each class will teach the basics of mathematics and other subjects to the C, D grade students in the periods no teacher attended. The teacher should monitor the progress of learning and encourage the student teachers by teaching them teaching techniques. The Organization will provide material
18 NMMS, CEEP Coaching to be provided to the NMMS and CEEP exams The Organization will provide material
19 Others The school can do many other activities useful to overall development of children. The reasonable part of the assistance for any activity will be given.


  1. The expenditure varies school to school depending on the no.of children, local support, availability of Library books, Lab equipment, Sports facilities, Toilets, Drinking water in that particular school (Estimated budget is Rs. 50,000 per school for one year)
  2. The Organization should not invest all the money at once, it supports in installments after satisfying the step by step reaction from school
  3. Collective responsibility of teachers and good coordination is must for success.
  4. This program don't support any short cut methods and unhealthy steps to increase pass percentage of 10th Class students etc.
  5. Priority is given to lower classes, if the funds/ time/ any other inputs are limited
  6. The HM and teachers of that particular school can include some more activities, and modify/delete any activity in the above list as per their school circumstances
  7. The Organization wants to help the teachers in a friendly manner, it don't do anything against the interests of the teachers
  8. The Organization has a right to withdraw any item of the project or total project at any point of time.
  9. For each item shown in the document one teacher should act as an in charge. He should take the responsibility to implement the item successfully. HM should supervise all the programs and send a report to NGO's representative.
  10. Organization's representative should visit the school and verify the progress. He should conduct review meetings.